Lip semi-permanent make-up

3D Lips, contour lips, contour + shading, Quick Lips.

Do you dream of tempting, full, and symmetrical lips but don’t want to opt for a lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid?

Permanent make-up is a fantastic alternative to more invasive aesthetic medicine treatments – perfect for people who want to look natural or just want to see if lip enlargement is for them. 

Using various methods, we can gently visually plump your lips, enhance the beauty of your natural lip colour, eliminate any asymmetries, and emphasise the contour. 

Firm, perfectly moisturised, and alluring lips with the illusion of fullness guaranteed!

Our treatments:

Quick Lips

A revolutionary method of applying permanent lip make-up, often referred to as ‘quick pigmentation’. The entire treatment takes only 20 minutes, giving identical results to traditional lip permanent make-up methods. Effects last for about 5 years.

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Contour + shading

A semi-permanent lip make-up technique that entails highlighting the outer line of the lips and filling them using the shading method. Filling dye can be spread both on the entire lip evenly or applied more subtly, giving an effect similar to 3D lips. Best suited for people whose lip colour is comparable to their skin

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Contour lips

A semi-permanent lip make-up technique that consists of highlighting only the outer line of the lips. This method is recommended especially for people whose lip colour is very similar to their skin as a way of emphasising them a bit, and/or correcting minor asymmetry.

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3D Lips (Ombre)

An innovative method that allows us to subtly emphasise the natural colour of your lips and give them the desired shape without exaggeration. Our specialist uses a 3D technique, applying three different colours to fill the lips with an ombre effect.

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