Filling the skin with ATR is an innovative procedure using natural and organism-friendly material derived from the patient’s own blood plasma.

Thanks to this, it is not only highly effective, but also completely safe, as it eliminates the risk of allergy or rejection of the filling material by the body. Additionally, the growth factors contained in blood platelets mobilize the skin’s own cells to regenerate and rebuild, thanks to which you can enjoy the effect of filled wrinkles for months.

Effects after ATR treatment

The treatment with the use of ATR allows to obtain the effect of filling wrinkles and nasolabial furrows, face modeling, improving skin density, reducing dark circles under the eyes, and the plasma obtained in the first stage mobilizes cells for strong revitalization and improves tissue nourishment and blood supply. Thus, the skin regains a fresh and radiant appearance.


  • wrinkles (including expression lines),
  • visible nasolabial folds,
  • loss of skin firmness on the forehead, cheeks, neck or hands,
  • dark circles under the eyes,
  • the need for skin revitalization
  • skin lacking radiance and vitality
  • people who want to lips augumentation


  • filling wrinkles

  • filling the nasolabial furrows

  • improvement of skin density

  • modeling the cheeks, i.e. volumetry

  • reduction of shadows under the eyes

  • skin rejuvenation and revitalization

  • improvement in color