Gain a new, more expressive look! Butterfly & Shading eyeliner is a unique combination of two different semi-permanent make-up techniques: classic eyeliner and shading the corner of the eye (the degree of shading depends on the preferred line thickness). 

As a result, your gaze becomes more expressive and alluring, your eyelashes appear optically thicker, and your eyes seem larger and more open. What’s more, this method allows us to successfully correct different eye asymmetries, model a ‘heavy’ eye syndrome, and fill in any eyelash loss. 

The perfect technique for people with light, barely visible eyelashes who expect a dramatic effect!


  • Irregular, sparse eyelashes
  • Thin, short, and bright eyelashes
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Eye asymmetry
  • Different types of eye shapes


  • Eyes that look bigger and wider
  • Smoothing out any eyelash irregularities
  • Thickening and darkening of the lash line
  • Reduction of eye asymmetry
  • Giving the eyes the desired shape (e.g., rounding them)
  • Optical reduction of the drooping eyelid