Do you want to visually enlarge your eyes without having to do your make-up every day? The classic eyeliner semi-permanent make-up technique is a highly effective treatment that will give you a beautiful appearance with a subtle, discreet effect. It consists of applying ink directly onto your skin (on the waterline between your eyelashes). 

As a result, your eyelashes appear optically thicker, and any irregularities between the hairs are eliminated. Eyes will seem larger, and your gaze will become more expressive. 

Classic eyeliner is an excellent method for people who have light, barely visible eyelashes but do not like the effect of a traditional eyeliner.


  • Irregular, sparse eyelashes
  • Thin, short, and bright eyelashes
  • People who expect a subtle effect
  • Eye asymmetry


  • Eyes will seem larger and eyelashes darker and thicker
  • Reducing out any eyelash irregularities
  • Thickening of the lash line
  • Reduction of eye asymmetry