This classic eyebrow tint (henna) is the perfect solution for people who want to make their eyebrows more visible without relying on permanent methods that use ink and needles. 

Our specialist begins the procedure by decreasing your eyebrows and then spreading a dye over the hair (we select the colour after analysing your beauty type). 

The classic eyebrow tint can be combined with a standard eyebrow regulation as well. 

As a result, your eyebrows will have the desired shape, be darker, and the hair will become stronger and shinier. 


  • People who want a natural effect
  • Fair eyebrows and hair
  • People who do not want to apply make-up every day
  • People who do not want to opt for permanent make-up


  • Short-term eyebrow colouring effect (tint lasts for about 3-4 weeks)
  • Nourished and visibly thicker eyebrows
  • A more expressive look
  • Henna colour matched to your beauty type and natural hair colour