Are you struggling with excess facial fat or a double chin? Fat Dissolving Injections are the most effective non-surgical way to immediately eliminate unwanted excess fat from the face area! 

This procedure allows us to effectively reduce any fat deposits under the chin (the so-called double chin) on the neck and jawline. The contour of the face is enhanced, its oval is improved, and the entire face appears much younger and slimmer.

This procedure consists of a local injection of deoxycholic acid into the deep layers of your skin. The active substance causes an immediate breakdown of fat cells, which are then excreted from the body. As a result, the skin becomes tighter, excess fat disappears, and the entire face gains visible contours. 

The final result of fat dissolving injections is noticeable after about 3-6 weeks.


  • Fat deposits under the chin, lower jaw, under the neck and on the jawline (the so-called double chin)
  • Uneven facial contours


  • Slimming selected part of the face
  • Double chin removal
  • Face oval improvement
  • Face contour improvement