Remove unwanted facial hair once and for all! Electrolysis is a modern method of permanent hair removal, popular among our customers – much more effective than a classic laser! 

We will help you get rid of any type of facial hair – from the hairs above the upper lip (moustache), to those between the eyebrows or on the chin. It is a phenomenal method, popular among people suffering from hirsutism (a hormonal disease resulting in excessive hair growth) and men who have a problem with ingrown facial hair after shaving. 

The electrolysis consists of using professional equipment that emits a low voltage current: our specialist inserts a thin needle into each hair follicle. 

After completing the series of treatments (we select the number and frequency after a thorough interview, an analysis of your hair thickness, skin colour, and reaction to subsequent therapies), the skin in the treated area becomes smooth and completely hair-free.


  • unwanted facial hair (upper lip, eyebrows, chin, chin)
  • different types of hair and skin – also light, thin hair
  • people who are not eligible for laser hair removal
  • problem of ingrown hairs
  • hormonal disorders – histurism


  • permanent removal of unwanted facial hair
  • significant improvement in the quality of life