For bold eyebrows and an expressive gaze! InstaBrows is a permanent eyebrow make-up method that allows us to achieve spectacular results, giving the appearance of highlighted eyebrows with the perfect shape. 

The treatment begins by determining the shape of your eyebrow arch and then injecting a special ink under the skin with a needle. Our specialists choose the pigment colour according to your preferences, beauty type, and natural eyebrow colour. 

At our clinic, we use a subtle method of shading so that the eyebrows are slightly lighter at the centre of the face and gradually get darker on their outer parts.


  • People who expect a more dramatic effect
  • Every beauty type (both fair and dark eyebrows)
  • People who do not want to do make-up every day
  • Eyebrow asymmetry and cavities


  • Removing any eyebrow asymmetries
  • Much more expressive look
  • Filling the eyebrow cavities
  • Visibly thicker and thicker eyebrows
  • Facial features improvement
  • Colour matched to your beauty type
  • The effects last for about 2 years