Is eyeliner an essential element of your make-up routine? Permanent eyeliner is a fantastic solution for people who want spectacular results without the need for doing eye make-up every single day. 

Depending on your beauty type, eyelash colour, and the natural shape of your eyes, our specialist will select a line that will suit your face perfectly. 

Using the Long Liner technique, we can visually enlarge and widen your eyes, add depth and expressiveness to your gaze, and provide your eyes with the desired shape (e.g., make them more round or visually ‘raise’ them).


  • Irregular, sparse eyelashes
  • Thin, short, and bright eyelashes
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Eye asymmetry
  • Different types of eye shapes


  • Eyes that look bigger and more open
  • Smoothing out any eyelash irregularities
  • Thickening and darkening of the lash line
  • Reduction of eye asymmetry
  • Giving the eyes the desired shape (e.g., rounding them)
  • Optical reduction of the drooping eyelid