Microradical therapy uses low-intensity pulsed direct current, which is biologically most compatible with the human body current and has the ability to penetrate cells.Under the influence of microcurrents the process of normalisation of functions in damaged cells takes place, restoring their biochemical balance. It actively stimulates the regeneration and smoothing of the skin. It has properties of strengthening the metabolism of the skin and muscle tissue. Under the influence of currents, the cellular regeneration is accelerated by 35% (skin regeneration is 3.5 times faster). The lifting effect is long-lasting and effective. The treatment improves the elimination of toxins and excess water.
The glove is designed for the stimulation of wrinkle points on the face and for the stimulation of larger parts of the body in slimming treatments e.g. buttocks, thighs.

Indications for treatment:

-lack of skin elasticity and firmness
-falling facial contours
-wrinkles and furrows
-bags and shadows under the eyes
-grey skin tone