An excellent anti-ageing beauty treatment! Nanobrasion moisturises and nourishes the skin – this inhibits the ageing process and accelerates cellular regeneration, stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin. 

This treatment involves using a Dermapen – a unique device with tiny needles. You don’t need to worry – it’s painless and does not invade the skin continuity. 

This therapy consists of several stages, with the most important being fractionation, stamping, and biorevitalization. Tiny needles “stamp” your skin, improving its blood flow and at the same time delivering nourishing substances tailored to the needs and type of your skin. 

As a result, your skin becomes rejuvenated, visibly firmer and toned. Thanks to its non-invasive nature, this method may also be used on the dry and delicate skin under the eyes. 

A set of Nanobrasion treatments lightens acne blemishes, sun damages and age spots, as well as reduces wrinkles. 

We recommend it as a one-off or in a set of treatments.


  • Skin ageing prevention
  • Mature, dry skin with the first signs of ageing (wrinkles, folds, lines)
  • Combination and oily skin
  • Seborrhoea
  • Skin discolouration
  • Photoageing signs
  • Dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Scars (including acne scars)
  • Sagging and loose skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Different types of acne
  • Blackheads


  • Smoothing out wrinkles, lines, and folds
  • Firming and tightening the skin
  • The skin looks much more relaxed and younger
  • Skin lightening
  • Reducing the visibility of pores
  • Lightening of the dark circles under the eyes
  • Visible lightening of scars and discolouration
  • Deep skin hydration
  • Prevention of keratosis of the skin
  • Supporting acne healing
  • Slowing down the sebum production
  • Slowing down the skin ageing process
  • Visible skin rejuvenation
  • Firmer and smoother skin