Want perfect, natural-looking eyebrows? The Ombre semi-permanent eyebrow make-up technique became popular among women some time ago, and now it is one of the most popular treatments at our salon. 

It allows us to achieve a shadow effect – the middle parts of the eyebrows are light, and the colour gradually turns darker. 

The procedure consists of applying a semi-permanent pigment using a needle. 

The colour of the ink is matched to your beauty type and the natural colour of your eyebrows.


  • People who expect a natural but distinct effect
  • Every beauty type (both fair and dark eyebrows)
  • People who do not want to do make-up every day
  • Eyebrow asymmetry and cavities


  • The results give the appearance of natural eyebrows (light at the bridge of the nose and darker on the outside)
  • Removing any eyebrow asymmetries
  • More expressive look
  • The colour of the pigment matches your beauty type
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Subtly underlined eyebrows
  • Filling eyebrow cavities