A natural but long-lasting effect, similar to the classic henna powder technique! Powder eyebrows is a permanent make-up method that allows us to create a ‘soft’ effect (comparable to filling the eyebrows with a regular pomade, pencil, or eyebrow shadow). 

This treatment consists of applying a special pigment using a needle (the colour of the ink is matched to your beauty type and the natural colour of your eyebrows), using the shading technique. 

As a result, the eyebrows look incredibly natural and are perfectly suited to your face shape. 

This method is the perfect solution for every woman with fair, barely visible, and/or thin eyebrows.


  • People who want a subtle effect
  • People with fair eyebrows and hair
  • People who do not want to do make-up every day
  • Oily skin
  • Eyebrow asymmetry and cavities


  • Subtly underlined eyebrows
  • Removing any eyebrow asymmetries
  • More expressive look
  • The colour of the pigment matches your beauty type
  • Henna-like effect