The most subtle semi-permanent eyebrow make-up technique! Shading is a method suitable for people of all ages and beauty types – including those with very light, barely visible eyebrows. 

It allows us to achieve a more natural effect than, for example, using the eyebrow microblading technique. 

What does the procedure entail? Our specialist applies the pigment under your skin, making a small point applied with a needle, then proceeds to shade and darken the thinnest areas, giving the eyebrows their final shape. 

The effect is noticeable, but still very natural.


  • People who want a subtle effect
  • People with fair eyebrows and hair
  • People who do not want to apply make-up every day


  • Subtly underlined eyebrows
  • Removing any eyebrow asymmetries
  • More expressive look
  • The colour of the pigment matches your beauty type
  • The effect lasts longer than more traditional methods such as eyebrow henna