Stem cells – natural lifting

Stem cells are a remarkable discovery in recent years. Aesthetic medicine uses stem cells for rejuvenating therapies, filling wrinkles (so-called lipofilling) and for treating alopecia. Stem cells are also successfully used in many fields of medicine – in the treatment of joints, spinal cord injuries or neurological diseases.

Rejuvenation and lifting with stem cells is one of the most modern and currently the most effective methods of reversing the aging process. Stem cells smooth out wrinkles and lift drooping cheeks. Treatment with stem cells makes discoloration and enlarged pores disappear. Stem cells make the patient look much more radiant and even several years younger.

Stem cells – face lift and more

Stem cells are non-specialized cells that, depending on the body’s needs, have the ability to transform into all types of human cells. They respond to the body’s needs in a universal way, adapting to a new place and function.

Stem cells also have the remarkable ability to travel towards a weaker tissue or organ affected by disease. They perfectly recognize the problem on the spot and regenerate the damage. The effect of stem cells is completely natural.

Stem cells – a facelift for years

Stem cells react very flexibly to the environment in which they are found and can differentiate into cells of the tissue into which they have been administered. The almost unlimited ability to divide stem cells means that the pool of cells applied during the treatment is renewed for a long time, which in turn extends the life of these cells, even for years.

Stem cells can be given to the face, neck, cleavage and hands for rejuvenation. The treatment also regenerates weak hair. The appearance is improved gradually by activating regenerative processes. The treatment does not damage the skin or subcutaneous tissue. The effect of stem cells is more and more visible from week to week and it increases gradually, even for a year after the procedure.

Stem cells – about the facelift

Stem cells are obtained from the body’s own. They are served exactly where we want to achieve a lifting and regenerating effect. Stem cell lifting is a one-time procedure. It consists in collecting from the patient a special system of fat cells, the most valuable in stem cells.

The strongest stem cells are isolated from the collected material using the modern Adivive device. The best quality stem cells are then injected where they need treatment. Their task is to stimulate the skin to regenerate. Stem cells also stimulate the reconstruction of blood vessels, nourish and oxygenate skin cells, thus inhibiting the aging process.

Stem cells are not platelet-rich plasma

Stem cells administered for rejuvenation are a different procedure than the popular therapy with platelet-rich plasma based on your own blood, which is also successfully used in skin regeneration.

While platelet-rich plasma accelerates cell regeneration and repair, stem cells can boast even greater potential – they are responsible for tissue reconstruction, i.e. the production of new cells in the place where they are applied.

Stem cells – how they work

Stem cells work more intensively than platelet-rich plasma, because they replace cells with new ones and strongly stimulate the skin’s blood supply. Stem cells rejuvenate comprehensively, rebuilding the subcutaneous tissue and improving the quality of the skin.

They also naturally rebuild the cheeks, forehead and temples. Stem cells lift them and fill them, giving the face a more youthful appearance.


  • collapsed temples and forehead
  • facial wrinkles
  • smoker’s wrinkles
  • wrinkles around the mouth and eyes
  • drooping eyelids
  • regeneration of hands and neckline
  • various skin defects (scars, discoloration)


  • Intensive regeneration and rejuvenation – in the place where stem cells are applied, there is strong regeneration and smoothing of wrinkles

  • One-time treatment – thanks to high efficiency, stem cells are administered only once, and the effect increases over the course of a year

  • Hypoallergenic preparation – own cells are applied to the skin, which adapt perfectly to the new place, without the risk of complications and allergies