Get rid of unsightly capillaries! Electrocoagulation involves the permanent (and safe!) closing off of dilated spider veins. This effectively eliminates topical skin problems. 

The treatment consists of touching every single capillary with a proper electrode. The electrical impulses sent through the electrode coagulate the protein, and as a result, the vein closes off and seals. 

There is no bleeding during the treatment, and the entire process is almost painless; therefore, in most instances, it does not require an anaesthetic. You may feel some heat, a slight prickling sensation, or notice an unpleasant smell appearing during electrocoagulation. 

After the treatment, your skin will be slightly reddened in the treated area – this is normal, as the healing process usually takes up to a few days. 

In the case of minor skin changes or blemishes, results can typically be expected after one or two visits.


  • Dilated blood vessels (spider veins)


  • Permanent closure of dilated blood vessels