Instant skin rejuvenation! WishPro is an ultra-modern treatment with its effects credited to magnetic infusion technology. Impulses created during this therapy, combined with vibrations, facilitate the release of nourishing substances (tailored to your skin’s needs, type and condition) and their infusion into deep skin layers. 

We use four WishPro heads that work slightly differently and are used for different purposes. This therapy will therefore be fully customised to match your needs. 

Immediate post-treatment effects include: visible skin rejuvenation and the reduction of puffiness or bags under the eyes (an effect of lymph flow boost). It may have anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and exfoliating effects as well.

Head types:

1. Magnetic head

Lightens your skin and oxygenates it, accelerating micro-circulation. As a result, the skin becomes radiant, firm and extremely pleasant to the touch.

2. Anti-Ageing Head

For relaxation and strengthening of the facial muscles. Immediate post-treatment effects include fine wrinkle reduction and face contour lifting.

3. Blue V Head

Perfect for acne-ridden, seborrheic, oily skin and reddened inflammations. This treatment has an antibacterial, tightening, cleansing and toning effect. An excellent choice for problematic skin.

4. Rejuvenation Head

Its main objective is to stimulate collagen and elastin production. As a result, the treatment strengthens and moisturises the skin as well as boosts its resistance to external factors.