Basic facial treatments (manual)

Check out our basic facial treatments offer!

Check out our basic facial treatments offer! All manual treatments offered at our clinic are safe and tailored to your unique needs. 

Each visit begins with an in-depth interview and an analysis of the condition of your skin. Our expert then selects an appropriate treatment or combine therapy, suggesting its intensity and frequency. 

We use only the highest-quality, certified products that guarantee spectacular results in a very short time and without any undesirable post-treatment side effects.


  • All skin types
  • Bags and dark circles under eyes
  • Wrinkles, lines and folds
  • Swollen face
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Blackheads and whitehead
  • Enlarged pores
  • Grey, dull skin
  • Different types of acne
  • Hyperpigmentation spots
  • Acne scars
  • Discolouration
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Photoageing
  • Sun damages
  • Slack skin, lacking firmness
  • Skin ageing prevention

Our treatments:

Vitamin C

A classic treatment. Vitamin C lightens up the skin, gently evens out wrinkles and leaves the skin radiant, firm, and even in colour.

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AHA exfoliator/acid peel

A skin exfoliation treatment that uses a range of AHA, BHA and PHA acids suited to your skin type and condition. Depending on the chemical exfoliator used, this facial will leave your skin cleansed and radiant, unclogging pores and sebaceous gland openings, as well as slowing down the sebum production process.

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Cleansing facial

This treatment will leave your skin bright and radiant, free from blemishes, blackheads and enlarged pores. Designed for seborrheic skin, oily, acne-prone and combination skin.

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Classic facial massage

Face massage designed to stimulate circulation and remove lymphatic stagnation. It eliminates puffiness and bags under the eyes, oxygenating the skin to give it a healthy, radiant glow.

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Face lifting massage

The Japanese massage targets tired skin and tense muscles. This treatment improves blood circulation, eliminates lymphatic stagnation and stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin. It has an intense lifting and anti-ageing effect. This technique allows us to visibly improve of quality of the skin on your face, neck, and décolletage – without any invasive treatments.

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