Other beauty treatments

Eyebrow tint, eyelash tint, eyebrow lamination and other treatments.

See our offer of other beauty treatments. All therapies are entirely safe and tailored to the client’s needs. Each visit begins with an in-depth interview, analysis of the beauty type, and the current condition of the skin or hair (if you are interested in eyebrow or eyelash treatments). We use only certified produces of the highest quality.

Our treatments


For beautifully lifted, long, and curled eyelashes without mascara! It is an innovative technique that allows us to give your eyelashes a bold look with a high-shine finish. The best results can be obtained with naturally long, straight lashes.

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Eyebrow lamination

A unique method that thickens, strengthens, and highlights the eyebrows, giving them an extraordinary slicked-up, high-shine finish. Lamination is an excellent method for people who struggle with unruly or thinning eyebrows. A favourite among our customers!

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Eyelash tint

Get a bolder, more expressive look without doing your eye make-up every day or using fake eyelashes. Your eyelashes will become optically longer, noticeably thicker, healthier, and very shiny (short-term results).

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Eyebrow tint

The perfect solution for people who want to make their eyebrows more visible without permanent methods consisting of ink and needles. It can be combined with a standard eyebrow regulation as well.

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