Eyes semi-permanent make-up

Butterfly & shading eyeliner, long liner, classic eyeliner.

Do you have light, barely visible eyelashes, suffer from eyelash loss, or just like the bold, expressive look, but don’t have time to do make-up every day? Permanent eye make-up is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes. It consists of inserting ink directly into your skin, right next to your lash line. 

Depending on the chosen technique, it can give you a subtle lash line thickening or a long-lasting line made with semi-permanent eyeliner. 

The final result is tailored to your type of beauty and your expectations – from natural and almost invisible bold and defined.

Our treatments:

Classic eyeliner

A semi-permanent make-up technique that consists of applying ink directly on the waterline between your eyelashes. As a result, the eyelashes become optically thicker, and any irregularities between the hairs are eliminated. An excellent method for people who have fair eyelashes but do not like the effect of a traditional eyeliner.

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Butterfly & Shading eyeliner

A unique combination of two different semi-permanent eye make-up techniques: classic eyeliner lines and shading the corner of the eye (the degree of shading depends on the preferred line thickness). Perfect for anyone with light, barely visible eyelashes desiring a dramatic effect.

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Long eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner for people who expect spectacular results without the need for doing eye make-up every single day. Using this method, we can visually enlarge your eyes, adding depth to your gaze, and giving your eyes the desired shape.

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