Semi-permanent make-up

Semi-permanent professional make-up in Sheffield. We offer semi-permanent make-up for eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

Want to look perfect without having to do your make-up every day? Semi-permanent make-up is an effective and safe alternative to more invasive beauty treatments. 

If you desire a natural but still noticeable effect, permanent make-up is for you. At our clinic, we offer lip, eye, and eyebrow permanent make-up. 

Depending on the method you choose, we can help you visually enlarge your lips or and darken your eyelashes and brows. Correctly performed semi-permanent make-up techniques can also create the effect of a gentle facelift, conceal face imperfections, asymmetries and defects that decrease your confidence. 

Bet on your natural beauty!

See our semi-permanent make-up treatments: