Brows semi-permanent make-up

Shading, powder, ombre, InstaBrows and other treatments.

Eyebrows define our faces. It’s no surprise that most women apply eyebrow make-up every day – especially those with a Slavic beauty type or light eyebrow hairs. 

A semi-permanent eyebrow make-up will give your eyebrows the proper shape, thickness, and colour. The effects are long-lasting, so you can completely forget about the need to emphasise your eyebrow arch using pencils, eyebrow shadows or pomades. 

Each visit to our salon begins with a deep analysis of your beauty type and face shape. Next, we choose the best technique of semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. In most methods, the procedure involves introducing ink (in a previously selected colour) under your skin. 

The results last for about 2 years.

Our treatments:

Laser SPMU removal

The operation of the laser for SPMU removal is to break down the dye particles into smaller particles, as a results of which the dye is gradually eliminated from the skin by the body's natural regenerative abilities and, as a result it becomes brighter. The number of treatments depends of type of pigment, depth of pigmentation.

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For bold eyebrows and an expressive gaze! This procedure entails using a subtle method of shading so that the eyebrows are slightly lighter at the centre of the face and gradually get darker on its outer parts.

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One of the most popular semi-permanent eye make-up methods at our salon. It allows us to achieve a shadow effect – the middle parts of the eyebrows are light, and the colour gradually turns darker. The colour of ink is selected according to your beauty type and the natural colour of your eyebrows.

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Long-lasting semi-permanent make-up. The effect is comparable to classic henna powder or filling the eyebrows with a regular pomade, pencil, or eyebrow shadow. The eyebrows look incredibly natural – they are perfectly suited to your face shape.

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The most subtle semi-permanent eyebrow make-up technique, excellent for people of all ages and different beauty types. It allows us to achieve a more natural, subtle effect than, for example, using the eyebrow microblading technique.

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