Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells – natural lifting

Stem cells are a remarkable discovery in recent years. Aesthetic medicine uses stem cells for rejuvenating therapies, filling wrinkles (so-called lipofilling) and for treating alopecia. Stem cells are also successfully used in many fields of medicine – in the treatment of joints, spinal cord injuries or neurological diseases.

Rejuvenation and lifting with stem cells is one of the most modern and currently the most effective methods of reversing the aging process. Stem cells smooth out wrinkles and lift drooping cheeks. Treatment with stem cells makes discoloration and enlarged pores disappear. Stem cells make the patient look much more radiant and even several years younger.

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Laser age spots, pigmentation marks and dicoloration removal

Laser removal of age spots, pigmentation marks and discoloration

Discoloration and pigmentation changes do not bring joy to their owners. Disfiguring spots on the skin are the source of complexes, especially when their surface is so extensive and the color is so intense that no makeup can hide them. Skin lesions affect women more often, and the frequency of their occurrence increases with age – 30% of women over 30 struggle with them. Nowadays, they can be dealt with quickly thanks to modern laser technology. It works by destroying the cells containing the dye, which means that after exfoliation of the epidermis, the discoloration disappears.

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Filling the skin with ATR is an innovative procedure using natural and organism-friendly material derived from the patient’s own blood plasma.

Thanks to this, it is not only highly effective, but also completely safe, as it eliminates the risk of allergy or rejection of the filling material by the body.

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IV Drip

They are most often used by people whose demand for nutrients is increased. They are people who work physically and mentally, but also athletes and professionals. A patient can also be any person who has been found to be deficient in vitamins and nutrients during laboratory tests. Intravenous vitamin infusion is the fastest and most effective way to supplement them. The drip strengthens immunity and slows down the aging process of the body. What’s more, it supports weight loss and rejuvenates.

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Laser tattoo removal

During the laser tattoo removal procedure, a concentrated beam of light reaches the skin, breaking down the pigment contained in the skin into smaller particles, destroying its structure. Then, the dye particles broken down in this way are automatically removed by our body. For laser tattoo removal to be fully effective, several treatments should be performed at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

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Laser Carbon Peeling (“Black Doll”)

Carbon Peeling is one of the most effective cleansing, refreshing, regenerating treatments for the skin. The combination of modern treatment equipment and high-class cosmetic preparations gives spectacular results. Carbon Peeling is not only cleanses the skin, tightens pores, minimizes inflammation and normalizes the process of sebum secretion, but also stimulates skin cells to regenerate and reduces post-inflammatory discoloration. In addition, it works well in acne supportive therapies.

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Laser SPMU removal

The operation of the laser for SPMU removal is to break down the dye particles into smaller particles, as a results of which the dye is gradually eliminated from the skin by the body’s natural regenerative abilities and, as a result it becomes brighter. The number of treatments depends of type of pigment, depth of pigmentation.

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Laser hair removal

Laser skin hair removal is safe, durable and effective. It allows you to quickly and almost 100% get rid of unwanted hair. The effect of epilation is beautiful, smooth skin, without facial hair, but also without nicks and irritation, which are often the result of shaving with a sharp razor.

The great advantage of hair removal lasers is that they allow you to solve the problem of not only unwanted hair, but also recurrent folliculitis and ingrown hairs.

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Oxygen Infusion

A non invasive method of rejuvenation, which is performed using a modern device for introducing active ingredients into the skin at the celluar level using hyperbaric oxygen. The treatment gives the effect of immediate smoothing and refreshing, improves the contour of the face, reduces wrinkles.

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